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Campus Climate Initiative

Community Partner(s): Hillel International
Demographics: Jewish students
School or College: University Wide
Campus Affiliation: UConn Storrs
Available in any town/city in Connecticut
Program Description

This partnership with UConn Hillel and Hillel International worked to ensure a positive campus climate where Jewish students feel comfortable expressing their identity and values and where they are free from antisemitism, harassment, and marginalization. 

During the 2021-2022 academic year, UConn was one of 19 participating institutions who sent representatives. These representatives were educated on the experiences and needs of the Jewish community in higher education while also informed about the harmful effects of antisemitism that holds members of this community back from achieving reaching their fullest potential by making them less comfortable in their living, learning, and working spaces and adding extra stresses and barriers to their daily lives. 

These representatives meet monthly as part of a community dedicated to improving campus climate. They were given a common language to discuss and address challenges of antisemitism, as well as tools and best practices that can ensure a positive campus climate in which Jewish students are supported and enabled to thrive. CCI also provided a rigorous assessment of UConn’s campus climate to guide strategic planning efforts and action plans for meaningful improvement. 

Diversity equity inclusion anti-semitism campus climate